Liverpool from Princes Dock

I was out last night with an idea for a shot, this one basically. They drained the dock a few months back and its been annoying me. I’ve been wanting to get an updated version of my Princes Dock photo from last year now that the tower has been finished. I figured I’d try dusk, long exposure and hope it worked. It worked so well, I’m really happy with it. Of course the reflections could be better but that’s just luck really.

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  1. beautiful shot and excellent reflex

    i invite u to take part in a new web project

    the theme of this week is “reflection” and this picture is perfect


  2. Stock photography Avatar
    Stock photography

    Oh… I adore reflection technique. What was the exposure and camera?

  3. Great photo. Long exposure looks great.

  4. Love the colours but 1 minor thing. I think the Liver building should be either in or out – bothers me to see just the back end of it on the edge.

  5. Love the clarity…so crisp. The reflection is good too.

    You don’t see many twilight shots (versus night shots). I love how you chose this time of day…it really makes things pop.

  6. Great shot Pete, although I do think both shot’s would look better with the Liver building cropped out (imo).
    Love your work tho, especially the HDR stuff.