The Lantern Parade has always been a highlight for me. It was last on in 2008 and that really was a visual treat. In September 2009 news broke that due to a lack of funding from the council the parade wouldn’t be able to take place. A smaller event was setup at St Lukes Church.

This year they got their funding and put on a brilliant performance. To enter the field for the main event you went through airport style gates. Freaky skeleton people checked you incase you were alive. If you were suspected of being alive you had to go through security. Only the dead were allowed in. All part of the fun.

The final event involved a doomsday clock and lots of fire. Fireworks displays are all well and good this time of year but they’re just fireworks. This event has a story and spooky entertainment for all the family. Its brilliant fun.

I’ve featured more photos on my personal blog.