In the past month I’ve been to Edinburgh twice, and to Swansea. I’ve seen the Lake District from the train too. Edinburgh is stunning. Great classic architecture, lots of hills, very lovely. As I was walking around I got a bit depressed that Liverpool didn’t have as nice architecture, but then was it just because it was something new to photograph? Its a great city and I’d love to spend days wandering the streets finding new shots. But then all that went away last night. I was driving through Birkenhead on my way to Woodside ferry terminal and theres a point where the buildings clear and you can see the Liverpool skyline. Just wow. Maybe its because its home, a sight I’ve known all my life, maybe because it is just stunning. Either way its great to be back, to be well and to be out taking photos of Liverpool once more. Here’s to 2008.

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  1. You can never fall out of love with that waterfront. It’s just amazing. I think it surprises people when they see it in real life for the first time – they never expect the graces and the buildings (the anglican in particular) to be so…well.. huge!