Thank you all for the kind comments about yesterday’s photos. It’s the first time I’ve ever been at such an event and I was very worried about being a “photographer.” I was worried about intruding and being disrespectful. Thankfully no-one said anything, and people I asked for photos were accommodating. I felt accepted and I was able to document the event. The question I kept asking myself though, was why was I there? I normally photograph the cool things in Liverpool, the things that show Liverpool as a great place. HDR cityscapes and so on. So why was I at a remembrance service? The quick answer was that I want to do more photojournalism and it was a “story.” However, thats not an answer I was happy with. I spent hours reading up on why photographers photograph grief. They all said it was hard, it doesn’t get easier and one said that after 15 years doing it he still has trouble pointing his camera at crying people. So while I understood that what I was feeling was normal, I still couldn’t justify pointing a camera at someone crying over the loss of a loved one. It wasn’t until I saw the people around the Eternal Flame that I figured out why I was there. It’s as much a part of Liverpool as the 3 Graces are. To ignore it, to not document it would be to pretend it never happened. As someone who is documenting life in Liverpool, the Capital of Culture, I should be documenting this. It is life in Liverpool. Did it help to make me feel any easier about what I was doing? A little. At least I knew I was doing it for the right reason and not because I wanted to get “cool” pics. So again, thank you everyone for commenting about them.