This was taken on Bank Holiday Monday, about an hour before Marcel’s image today from the same place. The reason why it looks so noisy is because it was heavily raining. You could see it coming across the Dee, a sheet of rain moving in. I was slowly heading back to the car trying to get as many shots as I could before the rain hit. You see not only did it start raining but the wind also picked up dramatically and the surfers went faster. This was taken at about the precise moment when the worst hit which is why I cut off the top of the sail. Those poor people had quite a walk ahead of them.

4 responses

  1. Nice shot. I was at Llanudno on the Great Orme when the weather turned nasty. I presume the weather system/rain squal was the same one that hit you after crossing the Dee Estuary. I think the grain accentuates the image pretty well.

  2. I was on the Great Orme at Llandudno same afternoon, I was until the huge weather/rain squal came in. I assume it was the same one that came accross the Dee Estuary and hit you a little later! Love the grain effect, adds a lot to it. I love West Kirby. Get some great light and skies there.
    Good capture.

  3. Looks quite surreal with the walkers in the background. Nice one.

  4. What a great windsurfer shot! I love the contrast between the windsurfer, surfing on water and the people almost looking like they walk on water! I’ve got to say your blog really stands out and I was wondering if you’d like to contribute some photos to the artproject We have more than 500 photographers represented, some are world famous. Only the highest quailty photos are selected for publication. Being on onexposure means a lot of new visitors to your blog, I assure it! Maybe you could find some inspiration there too! At least give it a check out!

    Cheers, Ralf