Lord Mayor\'s Parade

Another year, another fantastic parade. The parade was huge this year. Twice the length of previous years. I think the only dissapointment was that the Liverpool Samba Band didn’t stop for their normal 10 minute end performance. They’re always a crowd pleaser. I was at a discussion the other week and one of the points raised was that the culture year isn’t providing events for kids. This parade was probably 75% full of people under 20. They’ve clearly been working on it a while too. Like Streets Ahead it took to the streets and town was lined with people from start to finish. Old, young, middle aged, male, female, and everything. A great display.

I saw Alexei Sayles new show today. Its really very good and shows just how much the city has changed. I really wish I’d been born 30 years earlier so I could have photographed the 60’s. Such an amazing time. However I think its too easy to look back on a few highlights and forget just what’s here now. 2008 is a year like 1965 was a year. Gotta document it because I can. The show opened my eyes to a few things like Casablanca cafe on Hope St which I’ve seen many times but I didn’t know its history. I didn’t know that the dockers striked for 3 years. I knew about the issues with the Sun as every time you go through the tunnel there’s a sticker saying “Don’t buy the Sun”. It was interesting to see it from the perspective of a shop and to see no-one wanting to take it for free. I’m looking forward to the next 2 parts. Should be good.

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