So I bought a Mac Mini. I’ve had it on order since the Keynote speech but I kept it from everyone to suprise them, far more fun that way 😀 I’ve taken a picture of it with some of the accessories that came with it 😉 

Its so small its hard to believe. The fan has come on twice so far due to high CPU usage. Its sitting on my desk next to my phone and iPod. I’ll take some pics of my desk setup on Saturday once I get time to properly clean it 😀

OSX is running like a dream. I can’t imagine how fast the Dual G5’s are compared to this as this is plenty fast. I can watch movies from my PC and use Expose at the same time, its stunning to see in action. I’m currently trying to port iTunes across to it and that is proving tricky, but not impossible. It’s all part of the fun. 

I’ve also got a Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB backup drive that I will be using to backup my photos. I’ve got at least 50GB so the 300 should be ok for now. One cool feature with the Mac is that I can set it to backup the Mac Mini’s hd. Its only 80GB so I’ve got the space available. The other cool feature is that this backup is bootable. So if my Mac Mini HD crashes, god forbid, then I can boot to an identical working copy from this external drive. How cool is that!

The main difference between OSX and Windows is that I haven’t had the need to install Firefox or Thunderbird yet. Safari and Mail are doing a great job. I’ll probably install Firefox later for the extensions 🙂