Marina Way

One from the archives today. Figured it would be nice to throw a good old bit of HDR back into the mix. This is one of the pieces of art that greets passers by to the Marina Way bridge in Southport. Its quite a cool bit of abstract art and lights up at night, as you may see soon if I can tweak the image well enough 🙂 I’ve shot this before and I was hoping to get similar clouds this time around for that great HDR effect, however I didn’t get them. I might have a play with that old shot to see if I can boost it just a tad more.

Camera: Canon 30D // ISO speed: 100 // shutter speed: 1/50 // aperture: f8.0 // metering: Average // focal length: 10mm // Lens: Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6

2 responses

  1. I’m a big fan of vignetting but I think it’s too hard-edged here. You’ve only got a few pixels for the whole transition from blue to black and instead of focusing attention on the middle (the usual purpose of a vignette) it gives two areas of sharp contrast (top left and top right) that do the exact opposite and pull the eye away.

  2. I didn’t add the vignetting, its just how it came out. In cases like that I leave it, as its a natural result of the processing just like on a real Lomo cam or something.