Around 10 months ago I was in Toronto, awesome place. I’ve learnt a lot in those 10 months so I decided to reprocess some of the shots. This is a HDR of part of the skyline taken with my Sigma 24-70. The reason why I’ve posted this is because on Thursday 22nd March I’ll be exhibiting some work for the magazine, Another Late Night. They’re taking the next issue of the magazine and converting it into an exhibition. The theme is “Metropolis.” Shameless linking there but I do feel that there’s more I can squeeze out of my Toronto shots that I couldn’t 10 months ago. Anyways, the exhibition is 6pm-8pm at the Alima Centre on Sefton Street, Liverpool.

Camera:: Canon 10D // Lens: Sigma 24-70 // Focal Length: 70.0mm // Exposure Time: 30 s // Aperture: f/20.0 // ISO: 100

7 responses

  1. wow, those red lights near the water-line are interesting. It’s nice how the columns of light in the water are not over-saturated, too. Is there some unfortunate noise in the clouds?

  2. There is some noise in the clouds. I forgot to take it out 🙂

  3. Lovely shot 🙂 Good luck with the exhibition! 🙂

  4. Wow, fantastic skyline!

  5. Excellent shot, the light in the sky adds to the image.

  6. You keep on squeezing m8, I’m sure there’s plenty more juice left in your shots 🙂

  7. i have a question for you. i shoot portrait and candid journalism. recently however, i’ve been commissioned to shoot a picture like this of Cleveland, OH. night shot in the winter and i was wondering if you might have some tips. i have the lenses but didn’t know if you had info on exposure, etc… i will be doing the shot in HDR.