Morning Gloryville is an event that takes place on the first Wednesday of the month at Constellations in Liverpool. It’s basically a morning rave from 6:30am till about 10am. A morning rave. Crazy. Constellations is right next to a school so when some kids are wandering into school going “Ugh its too early.” there are people bouncing out of a rave filled with more energy than your average star. It’s a great contrast.

I was too young for raving as it developed in the early 90s. I do remember my cousins talking about places like the Paradox. I didn’t get it. I was perfectly content playing Elite 2: Frontier and Street Fighter 2 on my Amiga. I missed out on raving the night away and photographing it all.

I thought it would be interesting to photograph people as they came out after the early morning rave. Everyone was absolutely buzzing with energy and positivity. It was fantastic. I’ve never been hugged so much. The positive energy was infectious.

Morning Gloryville recently celebrated its first birthday. Happy birthday 🙂

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