Yer yer yer, another one 😀 I read this article on fixed width design, which started gnawing at me. I did really like the old design, but I felt the title was outa place. I just lived with it tho cos I couldn’t think up a better place for it. Now I have 😀 I’ve done some tweaking to the way entries are listed too, and I think it looks better for that. Emphasis on the entry, not the date. I’m not 100% happy with the navigation, but it’ll do. I’ve also integrated the new gallery into the design as well, but that needs some tweaking, and the old photos need to be ported to it. A Xmasy image will be going up as soon as I have something Xmasy to take a photo off 😀

Oh, it should be valid XHTML 1.0, valid CSS, Bobby Compliant as best as I can get it too 🙂