Day 5 in NYC. Our first full day going to Manhattan from Brooklyn and our first go on the subway which is a never ending source of interesting people.

Our day started at the Flatiron Building. It’s home to the Daily Bugle and basically just a cool looking building. I’ve wanted to see it for years. Oddly I never noticed the 3 ripples in the side before. We turn around and there’s the Empire State Building. Nice.

It’s a long day of walking but we luckily bump into a Dunkin Doughnuts. Another must see. They’re… ok but no New Brighton doughnut shop. Onwards!

After a few blocks we’re at the opening of Ghostbusters. The NYC public library. It’s absolutely stunning inside and I’d hate to rent a book from there. It’s completely packed out with tourists and the odd person actually using it as a library. Must be odd.

Our walk takes us to Grand Central. Home to an Apple Store and Avengers Tower.

After we head off to the High Line at sunset. It’s perfect and amazing. I’m saving those photos for another post as it’s a very interesting space.

That’s day 5. Pretty touristy kind of day but a good one none the less. The High Line was probably the highlight. It really got me thinking about how we can repurpose spaces.