So on the hotest days ever, 34c yet it felt like 43c with the humidity, I decided to go to Niagara Falls. I had to carry my laptop, camera and overnight bag around all day which was a pain. So I did the tourist things. I went on the Maid of the Mist, the London bus tour around Niagara and went to view the falls close up.


That yellow line you can see is where you stand to get a good view of the falls. I can only assume the yellow blob thats fallen down was a coat not a person.


This is the view from that point. You do get rather close.


A guy with a Nikon D200 shooting the American Falls. The American Falls are easier to take pictures of because they don’t have a huge cloud in front of them.


I went on this cable car ride across a whirlpool. The river decides to take a 90 degree turn which is impossible so you get this whirlpool. Its not like a huge swirling whirlpool from a scifi film, just alot of small swirls.


In the distance you can see some rapids which are so powerful no-one is allowed to ride them.


These are the small whirlpools. You can get an adventure boat ride across them if you’re crazy enough.


Further up the road is a big clock made from a hell of lot of flowers. It works and chimes like Big Ben.


The great Niagara Falls. Theres a rainbow there most of the time.


The view from the expensive fancy restaurant that didn’t quite get “plain” steak.


When the sun goes down Niagara is very cool. Well, kinda cool. Its like Blackpool in a way. I didn’t have a tripod so all these shots are either handheld or the camera is sitting on something.



These are the lights that illuminate both falls at night. Because of the amount of water vapor in the air you can get cool shots.


The only normally do fireworks on Sundays and Fridays but luckily it was Memorial Day so they had some fireworks for me.




The illuminated falls. It was hard to get a really good focus lock.