Old rundown bridge

This isn’t a very nice bridge to look at, or be in. The outside is always stained from last nights drinking activities. There’s always smashed glass, it smells, and well its just not very nice. The council are going to tear it down and build a new one I think. So while it isn’t that great, it can be used to make a nice photo so it has at least 1 redeeming quality.

Apologies for the site issues yesterday. I’m still trying to lock down whats going on. Apparently for no real reason, when people visit my site it sometimes causes sleeping connections in the database which then block new ones and eventually the site breaks. God knows why this happens. I’ve installed WP-Cache 2.1 which is helping. Pages are cached and then served back to visitors as static html rather than dynamic database driven php. Very handy. It seems to be doing the trick.

WordPress 2.11 is dangerous, upgrade to 2.12 now

Hand held HDR from 3 RAWs // Model: Canon 30D // ISO: 400 // Shutter Speed: 1/60 // Aperture: f4.0 // Focal Length: 10mm // Sigma 10-20

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