On the wheel - III

Liverpool One as seen from the wheel as if it were a toy model.

9 responses

  1. epic tilt shift. nice one.

  2. That’s great Pete…I’ve been meaning to try that tilt shift myself.

  3. Whats tilt shift? Sorry for dumb question.

    Awesome shot though

    1. Its a lens / photoshop technique that lets you make things look like models.


  4. Really cool shot! Too bad I can’t afford a tilt-shift lens right now…

  5. Fun! Is the wheel in Liverpool permanent? From your photos it looks like the others that seem to move around the country periodically. A couple of years ago in Windsor, for instance, the wheel used to only be erected for a month or so. Now it seems to be up for around six months each year.

  6. This one has been taken down but another has been built over the road.

  7. Ha! Bizarre, yet epic.