I’m 26 today and I just got this email;

(this message was composed on Sat, Sep 20, 2003)

Dear FutureMe, so how is it? Remember IRC? LSR? Q3? That still going? Lemme guess, you’ve given it all up and you just do photography now. Hows the web design? Still doing it?

Your older self…

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Well Pastme, things aren’t bad 🙂 I’m still on IRC, still with LSR, gave up Q3. I haven’t yet given everything up in favour of photography just yet. Web design finally kicked in about 6 months ago. 

Speaking of photography my work is going to be exhibited at the Vale Cafe in New Brighton from the 8th of Novemeber and then in the Wallesy Library after that. I’m also meeting a guy this week about a cool new project, and last week I did a great photo shoot for a local band called Mesemenie.