Paul Chadwick

Since the age of 18 Paul has been fishing. He is now 54 and enjoys fishing off Anglesey, Llandudno and here in New Brighton. I always thought that they put any fish they caught back into the Mersey, that the act of fishing was enough but apparently not. If they catch a decent sized fish they’ll take it home for tea, otherwise they throw the little ones back in. The conditions today were stormy with waves crashing against promenade, perfect conditions Paul said. But the best time to fish is at night, strange as it may seem. The bigger fish are easier to catch at night. While high tide helps, they do fish in low water behind Fort Perch Rock. However their recent trip there resulted in horrendous sandstorms. “Extreme fishing” he called it. 20 years ago he would return from a trip with 3 or 4 decent sized fish, but now with commercial trawlers fishing off the bar it just isn’t possible.

I won’t be turning the site into 100 days of portraits. I plan to take them at random. The weather was crazy today so I’ve got some great shots of waves crashing over the promenade in New Brighton to put up.

2 responses

  1. A loverly portrait, also timeless could have been taken any time in the last century as theirs nothing to date it. The background information also adds interest!

  2. What an absolute inspiration of a photograph! Wow.