Street photography. Its a tricky subject in some respects. There’s some brilliant stuff around and then there’s some stuff they say is brilliant but I don’t get. For example, this photo from Paul Russell. I like a lot of his work but that photo I don’t get. The thing about street is that some of the “great” work can look like a simple snapshot. So how do you know when you’ve taken a good street photo? Cartier-Bresson’s ghost doesn’t appear to let you know you got the decisive moment. When do you cross the line from snap to photograph? Who knows?

Which brings me to mine. I like it. But is it actually any good? Ignore the image quality. It was taken on my Leica M6, printed by Boots and scanned by me. So its obviously not on par with my D700, not unless I send it somewhere good. I do think I captured “something” here. There’s the old couple talking. They don’t seem overly happy about the ferry trip. Maybe there’s too many people? Maybe they’re not riding it for fun? There’s a lot of people living there lives in front of my lens. But most of all I like the face pressed up against the glass. Its almost like a time traveller looking through time into the past. Almost… Maybe its all a bunch of nothingness. Maybe its a bad photo that I’m trying to dress up because it was shot through a Leica and everyone knows Leica’s produce stunning photos, so by that logic this is a stunning photo. Of course thats not true is it. Its just a tool. A very nice one but at the end of the day its only as good as the person randomly pushing buttons to capture light like a Ghostbuster trying to bag a ghost.

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  1. Ian Kydd'Miller Avatar
    Ian Kydd’Miller

    I think you hit the moment here with the expressions and interactions of the people, the lady looking thru the window. The image quality for me does not detract from the image and it is what is going on within the image that matters. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in the actual technical quality of the image without taking account of the content. I like it, reminds me of home..

  2. I like the left part of the picture much more than the right. The lady through the window and the old couple look great. The very right is a bit overcrowded for me.