Christmas Markets can be crazy places. You’ll need a photo-buddy to watch your back while shooting.

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  1. I like the idea here, but honestly I’m not too keen on that shot for two reasons:
    * I think the point of view is a bit too high. I understand that if you had tilted up, you might have lost that alignment, but maybe you could have framed a little lower or cropped in.
    * I think the contrast is a little flat. I feel like there’s almost a white semi-transparent mask on that picture.

    This is just my opinion, please don’t take it wrong, I love your work.

    1. I’m actually quite liking low contrast photos. A lot of the work I’ve been looking at is great and doesn’t have loads of contrast to it. Originally it did have more contrast but I didn’t like it.

      As I mentioned on my personal blog, it feels like my eyes been ripped out and I’m starting from scratch. You’ll have to bear with me for a bit while I figure it all out 🙂

      Appreciate constructive feedback 🙂