Here we go. Port of Culture, a photography exhibition of Liverpool culture by me. It opens Saturday 23rd February and runs till March 9th. 10-5, every day. I’ll be there every day too so feel free to drop by and say hi. There will be free badges too. I’ve been wanting to post about this but I’ve been waiting for the website to be ready, which it is. Port of Culture. Take a look, tell your friends and spread the word. I’ve still got a lot of work to do on it, but things are slowly falling into place and time is quickly moving on. You should start to see posters and collectible postcards appearing around town soon. So be on the look out for them.

In other news I gave a talk on HDR last night for the BIPP that went very well. I still feel that the talk needs work, but it was my 2nd ever talk so I’m sure it was ok. I’ve got another 2 talks booked this year so I’ll be tweaking the presentation when I find time. There were a couple of small funny things that you can’t plan for. My laptop didn’t seem to want to respond as it should have done and a fight broke out, which was funny. Theres something about HDR that does that (jokes). But it was good. I felt it went better than the Redeye talk because I wasn’t as nervous. I wasn’t nervous at all until about 5 minutes before when someone mentioned film and I had a scary thought that the room was full of film buffs who hated all digital technology. I was expecting to be chased off with pitchforks n such. Thankfully that didn’t happen and the comments after were really appreciated. Thanks to Ian from the BIPP for inviting me, and to everyone who attended for the warm reception.


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  1. I attended last night and it was great. I got some snippets of information to try.
    A fight broke out? hehe well he shouldn’t have been so bloody rude! I paid £10 and believed that would give me the opportunity to ask some questions whatever level you are at.Thanks again and nice meeting you.

  2. I missed the DSLR user magazime edition of janaury in which yur wrote an article on hdr. Unfortunately for me the mag is out of print. can you help me in finding the ariticle somewhere?
    Thanks in advance,

    Joe Caruana

  3. Hope the show goes well for you; good luck!

  4. Joseph, you should be able to find the article under the HDR link at the top of the page – I think that’s the same one!