Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool with fireworks

Days like this are just the absolute best. Just the best.

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  1. warren griffiths Avatar
    warren griffiths

    thank you for your brilliant shot/photo it was better underneath from where i was firing from. I will pass on the comments to the rest of the crew. you have captured the very essence of what we wanted shame it was very windy again thanks. the Pyro Crew

  2. Beautiful! What a scene and I love your perspective.

  3. When you take shots of fireworks like this do you still meter at 0ev or would you increase that due to the low light so you are exposing for the rest of the scene first. Im assuming you duplicate the RAW inage 3 times and then work off the increased dynamicrange?

    1. You’re assuming its a HDR shot which it isn’t. Just a normal photo processed in Lightroom.

  4. great catch that you take, good timing and a very great point of view