I like to think I’ve grown a bit over the years and updating the HDR guide book has really proven to me that I have. Five years ago I did this photo of my mates Honda S2000. I threw contrast and heavy vignetting at an already over-processed tone mapped image. It was so cool! … I look back on that image today and see a list of faults. The image above is an updated version with those faults corrected. I’m assuming that in another 5 years I’ll look back and hate this version too.

2 responses

  1. I look back at your old image and think “That’s pretty cool”. It showcases an artistic style, nice vivid back lighting and shadows. I don’t see anything wrong with that image at all in fact, in that context. It pushes an aggressive image of the car, the car heavily dominates the picture, the lines from the sun rays drawing the eyes in towards the centre. The darkness of the surround ensures it takes a back seat.

    I also happen to like this photo too, it showcases the car in a different style, softer, more earthly. Instead of seeming like a back-list spot the sun provides a halo. To me it sends a different message about the car, emphasising looks and grace, contrasting the speed and power suggested by the older version.

    There is a danger inherent in being an artist in that you’re never entirely satisfied with what you produce, and as time passes your tastes change. It doesn’t make the old picture ‘wrong’, or the new one ‘right’. It’s two different images made by two different artists you’re not the same man you were 5 years ago, in many ways. You have a different story to tell now, a different way of looking and interpreting the world through your art. You’re lucky (or unlucky?) in having the original sources to be able to go back and re-interpret the image, so we get the added pleasure of seeing how you change, as well as another chance to look at the world through your camera lens.

  2. I guess because I’ve grown as a photographer I only see the issues with the previous photo. Its too heavy, like caked in makeup. There’s blown highlights in the background and the bonet. Its just badly produced.