Saga Rose at the cruise liner terminal

I’ve spent the morning doing HDR’s all with the same settings. They look great but in a moment of weakness I decided to change them. I put everything to max, and while thats never a good idea with HDR I do sorta like this. It may be a bit too rich for some people and I may hate it come tomorrow but for now I like it. So here it is.

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  1. Theo Vigopoulos Avatar
    Theo Vigopoulos

    Great photo!

  2. Hello,
    It is thanks to you that I discovered Photomatix, especially because of the special effects that this program allows. Now I treat almost all my photographs with this program because it makes it possible to have much out of a digital file. Images with large contrasts, back-lights, buildings and also the flowers arise much better without that being noticed that it is a treatment HDR. I avoid a too marked effect HDR because the visitors of my blog finds that then the colors are not natural, but sometimes just like you thus I like them, so much worse for those which do not like.
    So long,
    PS Translation from French. 🙂

  3. Love the texture of the sky. Great angle too!

  4. The image looks almost like a painting and this feeling is accentuated by the wide angle lens effect on the prow (hope that means front!) of the boat. What I like most is the reflection on the side of the ship.
    Like Frank I have read your tutorial and am planning to get a copy of the Photomatix software – looking forward to the book too!

  5. Fantastic! I think you pretty much nailed the level of HDR Pete, even though you may think its too rich I think it suits the image, a romantic dreamlike feel. You always get the colours right too 😉

    Great work.

  6. this is an awesome photo!
    thanks a lot for useful information on photomatix and HDR.
    I am using the trial version now, so i could learn and planning on getting a copy in future.
    good work~

  7. Maxed out HDRs are so much fun though! I do wish my city wasn’t landlocked though – boats and water would make great subjects.

  8. Did you then take this image an convert to B&W like I just did!! Pretty stunning in B&W, give it a try.

  9. @Clyde – I do have plenty from the day in B&W but I wanted a few that captured the nice sunny day.