Wow! What a 2nd day. Stanley Park filled with people as the Uncle awoke and walked through Aintree, Everton and then the city. Crowds lined street after street, including rooftops. People hung out of bedroom windows and best of all just stood on their doorstep. How amazing must that have been for someone who had no idea the event was on? Having a lazy saturday and a 50ft giant walks down the road. Imagine telling your kids “When I was young giants roamed the city.” What an event. The Uncle reached St Georges Hall and had a nap amongst a sea of people. About 2 hours later he got up and headed for a drink at the St Lukes Church before jumping over the Chinese Arch! He headed to Kings Dock for a quick sit down and was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of his niece and her dog Xolo. She did a dance and slept on his knee. It’s all so incredibly magical and quite emotional.

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  1. Another great set of giant pics love then

  2. Steve Clee Avatar
    Steve Clee

    Great documentation of this unique day in Liverpool..

  3. Great set of photos! Last one steals the show for me!

  4. Wow, what a photo op! These are amazing!

  5. A benevol!! Avatar
    A benevol!!

    I love the photos of the Diver in the narrow streets of North Liverpool. I couldn’t believe people had left their cars parked in the street knowing a giant was coming! A memorable day – and a great set of photos of it.