Now I know what you’re thinking, its in black and white. The reason being because I didn’t like the colour version. It was just plastic colour if you get me. It didn’t feel right.

Camera: Canon 30D // Lens: Canon 24-70 // Exposure Time: 1 / 125 // FNumber: 2.8 // Focal Length: 42 // ISO: 1600

4 responses

  1. Fantastic composition, with the 2 ladies in the foreground. I really like it in B&W, colour might just have been too busy. Just a thought, why didn’t you flop the image so the words could be read?

  2. Thanks Sue. I thought the words could be read. “Happy Christmas. World in one city.”

  3. The words and ladies created a wonderful aura in this piece and I would have preferred it to be in B&W too, because it looks nostalgic.


  4. Nice shot that seems to work well in B&W. Might work well in split tone too. Looking forward to a lot more of your candid street stuff over the festive period.