It was rather foggy yesterday so I took advantage of it and went fishing for photos. I didn’t want to do the usual cliches of foggy woods, vanishing points and silhouetted figures in 19th century settings so I went to Birkenhead docks. Admittedly I did take one or two vanishing point type photos of the bridges but no silhouetted figures from Dickens novels. The ferry in this picture, afaik, is permanently there. I tried to isolate the ferry against the fog but then decided there was no real point to it. My initial thought was “Ew look at those porta-cabins ruining the shot.” However after a few minutes I realised that they made the shot. There’s this lovely iconic ferry sitting there in this really nasty looking spot. Poor Snowdrop. That ferry should be seen against the Liverpool skyline not here.

2 responses

  1. ahh luv the ferrys, nice shot.

  2. Great shot!
    happy new year!