The magnificent St Georges Hall in Liverpool. I’m so glad they cleaned this building as it is now stunning.

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  1. Oh wow.. what a beautiful shot, lovely contrast between the building and the sky.

  2. Who said converging verticals were a no-no? Stunning shot!

  3. The way I look at it is that its how I saw the building. Standing right there in front of it and its just huge. I wanted that feeling to come across.

  4. Converging verticals are a pain and best avoided. You’ve used them in the composition with great effect and created a stunning shot.

  5. Wonderful photo, I like this white and its contrast to the dark blue sky. Is it hdr?

  6. This isn’t HDR. Straight shot taken at dusk.

  7. great shot. nice composition

  8. George Jones Avatar
    George Jones

    Just beautiful!