Steve Hughes, RNLI volunteer.

Steve Hughes, RNLI volunteer. 

Steve is a cameraman by day working on TV shows. Quite a bit different to donning waterproof gear and saving lives. He’s been a volunteer for 2 years now and has an interest in sailing which got him into becoming a volunteer. He’s a crewmember on the lifeboat at New Brighton doing navigation and 4th man duties.

Marathon update: I ran 18 miles yesterday. I ran it better than I ran 16 miles last week and I was so happy when I finished. I did throw up as soon as I finished and have accepted that it’s just what will happen on any long run now. Apologies to anyone on the prom yesterday. I’ve also come to accept the pain. My legs start to get sore after about 13 miles but I just keep running. I have renewed hope that I can actually run this marathon, which is in under 4 weeks. I’m treating it as a bunch of 3 mile runs. Run 3 miles, walk a bit and have a drink, then another 3 miles. It’s a bit more manageable this way. Just run 3 miles then rest. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I can do this.

I had a fantastic message of support from New Brighton RNLI on this blog last week. That really made my day. So far I’ve raised £584 towards my goal of £1,000. 4 weeks left to hit that magic £1,000. I really appreciate the donations so far. I was so happy to finish 18 miles on Sunday and find out I had a couple more during that run. It makes it all worthwhile. Please do donate. You can help save lives.

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  1. Very cool portrait, looks like a serious guy.

  2. Great exposure on the shot, and i couldnt imagine running 18 miles.