Sorry for not posting the past 2 days. I’ve been run off my feet trying to get the largest photography estimate I’ve ever been asked to do all sorted. I’m still not finished. Thursday evening was these fireworks and Friday was an all day shoot in which my camera has gone faulty. So now I’m back with a bang, so to speak. On Thursday evening Tate Liverpool launched their new Chinese feature. To celebrate it they had a fireworks display organised by Fantastic Fireworks. I was hired to shoot the event by them and it was an exciting evening. I was racing all over the Wirral trying to find the best spot to shoot the fireworks. Seacombe looked good, but in my head I knew Woodside was best. Another photographer tagged along with me, which was great because I was very worried about standing around Woodside at 8pm with 2 cameras. When we arrived there was already another photographer there and within 20 minutes more turned up. This wasn’t a public event but for some reason it was on the BBC News that morning so people turned up. I was told that the fireworks would be 600 feet high, and I found that hard to visualize. Its only now looking at the shots that I can appreciate just how large they are compared to the Liver Building in some shots. It was a tricky shoot to do because the buildings needed 1 exposure and the fireworks another. HDR doesn’t work at night, at least not in Photomatix. Very tricky night out, especially shooting 2 bodies. One with the 24-70 and another with the 100-400. I knew they would have smaller fireworks too and I wanted to get them. Oh, the entire shoot lasted 6 minutes! A normal display is 20 minutes long so you get plenty of chances. This was 6.

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  1. amazing photos Pete, as always.