My current blogging plan, which may be completely stupid and wrong, is this.

Little Time Machine will remain as the street photography blog. It’s going to be anything I shoot on the street. Street portrait or candid street photo. Basically borrowing from Tom Wood’s guide book. There will be no text with the photo. I want it to speak for itself. (Tumblr clone)

Over the Water is the “nice” photo blog. Stories and single frames from the Liverpool region and occasionally beyond. I will, from time to time, repost street portraits from Little Time Machine *if* theres a reason to. That reason will be if theres a deeper story there that I want to flesh out. I will post more photos and write the story about the photographs. (Tumblr clone)

Instagram is for instant photography (as instant as I can make it). It’s about the “This right now!” type moment. I’ll post from any camera I can because its about the immediacy of the image more so than whatever device it was taken on. (Tumblr clone) is where I do this. This site is me. Holiday snaps. Random things. Discussing what may or not work. Crying into the keyboard. Yay wtf?

Then I have my Baltic Project which is still in alpha form. There’s 2 photos on the site and I’ve taken more that I need to upload before releasing it. 

So that leaves Flickr and 500px which I currently drop Little Time Machine and Over the Water pics into. If you follow me on there you get everything. This whole plan is about better knowing my audiences and tailoring content for them. I haven’t worked out the best way to organise content on that. Flickr for street and 500px for “nice” shots?