In a little over a week its Christmas. This time of year is traditional for office Christmas parties. Unfortunately I’m freelance so my office Christmas party is just me and the cat.

To add insult to injury the cat has spent most of the party sleeping and only really woke up when I offered her a Christmas cracker to pull. She had a sniff and went back to sleep.

So its just me sitting here reading photography blogs, thinking about the year, deciding whether I should scan my bum on the office scanner and waiting for the party nibbles to ding on my iPhone cooking app. No alcohol I’m afraid as I’m the designated driver.

There wasn’t any room in the budget for a giant cake or a visit from Santa, so I’m doing my taxes to see if I can at least afford a bar of dairy milk for next years party. This is the life. Time for a bit of Slade I think.

Well as I’ve just fallen up the stairs, cut my leg, and covered myself in milk I’m going to declare this party over and do some filing.

Merry Christmas to all the freelancers out there. I reckon we have a Twitter Christmas party next year. . Or not…

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    1. alistair_jones Avatar

      @petemc lol!

    2. samthesham Avatar

      @petemc don’t let the cat fool you, she’s a party animal really 😉 Just don’t let her eat any more of the tree or tinsel…

      1. @samthesham her snoring is clearly a deception 😉

  2. Merry Christmas!

    You’ve inspired me to get back into the photoblogging myself after an extended hiatus.

    Keep it up and have a great 2011.