It’s that annoying time of year where the clocks have gone forward. Sunset at 6:30pm is now sunset at 7:30pm. Sunrise, for the time being is back to an ok time at around 7am. For me it’s annoying because I know I’ve lost that beautiful morning light while taking the ferry into town. During the winter sunrise can be at 8:20am. I get this amazing walk to the ferry with all the colours and that crisp winter air. But soon the sun will be ridiculously high in the sky and producing dull average light.

I’m mainly annoyed that I haven’t carried my Hasselblad much over the winter to use on the ferry. It’s a great camera to use, though a bit of a bugger to lug around. So I’m annoyed with myself for not carrying it and I now have to wait 6 months for the good light to return.

So for now here’s some I took about a year ago.