The colourful Walker Art Gallery

As you’ll have seen the Walker Art Gallery was all lit up for the “New Year” fireworks. I was out wandering the night before and I managed to catch them setting up the lights. This is something I’ll be doing each year now as you can get right up close to the building, 10mm close. I met one of the people in charge who asked me to pimp their company, the Liverpool Culture Company. They did a great job with the fireworks and lighting so there ya go 🙂

This image has had a touch of HDR done to it. “Why?”, I hear you ask. Well there were some areas that were perfectly exposed and some that were just a bit too dark. So I figured I could make 3 TIFFs from the 1 RAW, loaded them into Photomatix and I turned off most of the Tone Mapping options. That wasn’t what I wanted for this image, I just wanted to blend the exposures really. This was the easiest way as I didn’t want to play around with masks and things in Photoshop. It worked perfectly and again shows the usefulness of HDR techniques.

Camera: Canon 30D // ISO speed: 200 // Shutter Speed: 1/6 // Aperture: f4.5 // Exposure Bias: -1.0 // Metering: Average // Focal Length: 11.0mm (must have knocked the lens) // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

4 responses

  1. You have also mirrored the left side of the image and pasted it on to the right. The identical statues are easy to spot.

  2. There weren’t any lights on the right side and men were working in a crane, so the only way to get this shot to work was to mirror it.

  3. Jayne Harvey Avatar
    Jayne Harvey

    Although nice on the eye, it is photographic vandalism. Manipulating the image is one thing, failing to notice there are two different statues in “real life” is careless.

  4. I’d much rather have this picture than one with cranes in it. Sometimes artistic license wins out. Great shot. Calling this photo vandalism is a little extreme in my opinion. The whole goal is to end up with something you would want to look at again and again. You acheived that nicely.