Monday morning. It’s dark. Darker than it should be. I grab my camera, iPhone, put my AirPods on and leave the cafe. It feels strange out. There’s something not quite right with the light.

As I turn a corner something catches my eye. It’s the sun. A fire red ball in the sky. Very different to how the sun should normally look. All around me people continue to go about there business like nothing is wrong. They’re all on their phones or waiting to cross the road to get to work or university. I’m stood there thinking “But there’s something wrong with the sun!” I want to grab someone and say “Look! What’s going on?!” I don’t. I’m not that extrovert. Instead I do what I normally do. I take photos. The world is ending so I take photos.

Suddenly something changes. The red sun becomes a wormhole and some sort of spaceship designed like a bird heads for it. Have they come to save us?

After a quiet few minutes the sky clears and the sun returns to normal.

It’s all ok now. We’re saved. Did humanity know how close it came to disaster? Probably not. It wasn’t on Twitter so we were never alerted to it. Life returns to normal. Whatever normal is…