The End of York

So there’s been major flooding in York. While I was there the Apocalypse occurred and that explained the flooding. I was waiting at the cash machine queue, checking to see if I would die a rich man, and I was lucky enough to capture the end of things. You can see people milling around, unsure about their lives and what they should be doing. One woman is even laughing hysterically at the reality of the situation. Oddly the end never happened. I’m sure you noticed that. False alarm perhaps.

HDR blend of 3 TIFF’s from 1 RAW file // Camera: Canon 30D // ISO speed: 400 // Shutter Speed: 1/100 // Aperture: f7.1 // metering: Average // Focal Length: 10.0 // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

4 responses

  1. It’s a nice scene, Pete, but I feel the sky doesn’t quite match up to your usual high standard. There seems to be a fair amount of banding/noise this time?

  2. I can’t see the banding but noise yeah. I accidentally left it on iSO400, and for HDR thats waaaay too much.

  3. Nice site. I read the tutorial. It’s really not my style to teak the imgaees too much, but I’ll give it a go. This one’s very interesting.


  4. I dont get how you get the “fish-eye lens” effect using that sigma 10-20mm.

    I’am noob so go easy on me if I ask stupid question:)

    my guess is you postprocess it in photoshop,but then again How? Using warp tool or what?

    please answear!