I didn’t blog about this last year because I didn’t really blog much last year. I was busy rebuilding my house. But anyway. Back in July 2017 I bought a Leica m240 with a 35 and a 50mm lens. I felt that I’d reached a point where I understood why I wanted one. The Leica M10 made me trust that Leica would continue making cameras like this for the rest of my life. I wanted a simple uncomplicated camera for daily and travel use that would be with me for my life. It’s a camera system that I can switch between film and digital too. I think it’s a fantastic (and stupidly expensive) setup. I use it like an analogue camera with an optical not digital viewfinder and full manual controls.

I’m still learning. It’s hard work. I’ve got a video in the works on where I’m at with this camera but for now here’s where I was.

My initial thought was it’s heavier than I expected. Heavier than the Leica Q but a good heavy that’ll take some knocks. I love the look from it. The colours you get are wonderful. But it’s so hard to use. I really wasn’t prepared for how hard it was to use. I grew up using film cameras but in such a basic way and they were all autofocus. My photography career has been with run and gun set it on auto digital cameras. So trying to nail the focus at f/1.4 is an experience. In time I hope this will all become second nature. That’s what people say about Leicas. It’s got the fastest autofocus around because it’s you not electronics. I just need time.