The Rain Room at the Barbican Centre in London is simply incredible. If you haven’t heard about it it’s basically a dark room where it rains. Doesn’t sound like much except that you don’t get wet. You walk towards a rectangular area of torrential rain and an opening appears in front. You walk inside and the opening closes behind you. Surrounded by torrential rain and yet dry, protected by your own personal bubble. You can walk anywhere inside the area and stay dry. It’s quite magical in a way.

I realise it could sound odd to queue for 2-3 hours (1 hr for us) to stand in the rain but its a unique experience. Would you get the same experience on a summers day with a brolly? No. You’re only stopping the rain hitting you not parting it like Moses. That’s why its fun to play in. Stick your arm out and watch the rain move away. It’s closest I’ve been to having Jedi like powers.

It’s on till 3rd March and I’d highly recommend going. Get there early on a week day for a short queue. It opens at 11 and I’d advise getting there for 10am. It’s free but only 5 people are allowed in at a time.

rain-room-DSC_6277 rain-room-DSC_6331 rain-room-DSC_6313 rain-room-DSC_6284 rain-room-DSC_6254 rain-room-DSC_6210 rain-room-DSC_6184

2 responses

  1. Amazing photos. At first glance I thought it was a snow scene. But these compositions are really great. I love the intensity of the water and the silhouetted outlines of the fascinated people.

  2. Wow! That is awesome! I could totally bee in there for hours too.