The Modern Liverpool Skyline

The modern Liverpool skyline. Looks quite good with the new Museum of Liverpool and the new ferry terminal’s exterior done. There will soon be a black box between the Port of Liverpool building and the new museum.

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  1. Terry Avatar

    Feck the purists Pete! Damn I love the drama in this skyline, another excellent HDR masterpiece.

  2. George Jones Avatar
    George Jones

    That looks brilliant Pete. as good as any skyline in the world.

  3. Excellent. It is a beautiful skyline.

  4. This is an excellent shot. Great work.

  5. Anton Avatar

    Great picture, the LHS architecture looks like any other western cityscape yet the RHS architecture looks very british.
    It might be quite interesting to see a comparison between this skyline view picture and a picture from the same view point a while back? (20/30 years ago?)

    One final note: those dirty black clouds are photoshopped aren’t they, it’s just for me they make the photo look very odd.

  6. The entire photo has been “photoshopped” but without Photoshop. Lightroom. No selective editing on the dirty black clouds.

  7. “Photoshopped” or not, this is still a stunning and dramatic shot, with some great contrast between the light on the buildings and the clouds.