I love street photography. I do it at night, day, in the rain, the snow, the gale force winds with waves crashing over me, anytime anywhere. Why do I love it so? Simple, its real. Its fleeting moments of real life and real life can be amazing sometimes. So I try to capture it and show others. Maybe I shouldn’t really question my motives at all. I see something cool, I take the photo and I put it online to show others because I want them to see the cool thing I saw. So maybe I should just do that instead of questioning whether this series of photos is actually any good.

I’ve seen a lot of street photography and some, for me, just doesn’t work. I actively avoid taking photos of people just walking around, or on their phones. A lot of newbie photographers do that sort of thing. Its easy, in that there’s always someone on their phone or walking down a street. I’ve always felt that you have to capture a moment in a street photograph, a story. But then looking at the work of someone like Matt Stuart you can see that street photography is more than that. There’s a real humour to it.

Anyway, back to my original point. Are these photos going to be any good? I still feel like I saw something worth capturing when I was out. So in that regard I’m not trying to take photos I would normally hate and bin. I think I got something. Over to you guys.

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  1. If you have fun doing it then it’s a success!

  2. I don’t think humour is an essential component in good street photography. For me (as strictly a consumer of it..I suck at street photography) it is about capturing a moment showing the dynamics between people and between people and the built environment.

    Humour is good too, though and I enjoyed looking at Matt Stuart’s work.

  3. Andy Woodside Avatar
    Andy Woodside

    Pete …In answer to your question .I am NO expert ,However it seems to me there is an acute line between what Matt Stuart does ie clever and other”Street”Photography which can appear ordinary.

    I have no problem taking images at events of People ,When it comes to walking around town looking for “something” well thats a lot harder! and frustrating ..maybe there is self precieved pressure to get something ..I find it difficult .

    I agree with your other comments of the easy option of people on phones.