The sun breaks through

I’ve had plans for months now to get to Seacombe and photograph sunrise ever since I saw this photo by Sam. Its going to be a while till I get something that good but I’m up for a challenge. Annoyingly this morning clouds rolled in but close to 9:30 the sun broke through. Not perfect but still nice enough for a photo.

This is a HDR photo and I’ve uploaded a photo of the exposure I took to get enough detail from the sky around the sun. It’ll show you what you can do with HDR. I took 9 exposures to get all the detail I needed as I was shooting into the sun. Without HDR, some form of exposure blending or filters the camera just can’t capture everything. The sun is too bright.

One response

  1. I really like this shot, it captures a stunning sky as you mention in your write up. Its great that you have included the exposure you took to get the sun detail, amazing that the only bit with any light is the sunny area! the rest is pith black. You have inspired me to have a real good go at hdr now. Nice work Pete!