The writer

A girl writes as the sun sets over Liverpool 1. Apologies for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been shooting 9-5 most days and then catching up on other work in the evenings. Models today and tomorrow. Its been lovely with this sun but annoying with the haze. Still, it really feels like Spring is on its way and its great to be out on a gorgeous day. 10:30-6:30 today and a community show after that till 9 something. Its a long day.

4 responses

  1. Was this Wednesday? Thought I recognised you with the tripod near the fountain… next time I’ll say hello…

  2. pete i love this shot to me the streets of liverpool are full of this kind of shot and make much more interesting photos, me personally stuck in landscape hell at the moment

  3. Excellent street shot. Wonderful contrast and light

  4. Awesome – fantastic mood you transport with this capture!