In an Evil Genius sort of way I decided to combine two of the most popular trends around. Tilt + Shift and HDR. I really do love HDR now. It can take pretty much any dull photo and bring it to life. Of couse you need to compose it correctly and everything but it does mean you can shoot on dull overcast days with more freedom. This is a Tilt + Shift photo of downtown Liverpool. If only I could get to other highish locations in Liverpool to try more. Car parks will have to be invaded 😀

I made this guide that explains how to do HDR from 3 bracketed shots or from 1 single shot using RAW. You basically use 1 single RAW file to generate the 3 shots. Then I used this guide to create the tilt shift effect.

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  1. Nice

    How’d you get the really shallow DOF on it?

    also, I had a flick back to older posts, but didn’t see anything explaining – how do you do HDR stuff of dynamic scenes when you can’t do exposure bracketing?


  2. Hi Pete – great shot looks like a scene from Thunderbirds – know the place well but you give it a different feel. Will read through your technique. By the way your ‘remember me’ feature on the post a comment doesnt seem to want to ‘remember me’. Dont know if this is the same with others

  3. redhed17 Avatar

    This has a ‘model village’ feel to it, and doesn’t look like a real scene. A very unusual and imaginative image.

    Well done.