So as you can see, another redesign. Why? Although the previous design is good and works well at creating the “nothing but me” affect, I felt that I wanted people to instantly read whats new, rather than clicking around to find whats new. So i’ve gone back to the traditional style of a blog site. But like the old I didn’t want all the all the stuff many people have on their blogs, stuff I used to have. The sidebar style of weather info and links and this and that. I just felt its overkill. Too much to read, too many places for your eyes to go to. So now its, title + links, image, content. All thats needed really. 

I’ve found 2 nice sites recently. Arial Size 8 and minor9th. Both really nice sites visually.

So this is like the 9th (??) update this year, and its nearly the 5th month. Hmm. I need to get back into the game, more updates and stuff. Daily, if not hourly 😀 

So what have i been doing then? Taking up pool, doing even more photography, and the usual. I’ve gotten totally hooked on photography now. It’s been a hobby of mine since I was about 10, but now armed with my new Canon A70 I can do alot more. Check out my A70 gallery. Its a great camera, and if i do say so myself, I’ve taken some pretty cool photos. 

Theres still a few pages that need tweaking (aren’t there always), this site is over 2 yrs old, but its nearly there. I might try and come up with some new content some time. Maybe 😀