Vanilla Days 2

Well this took a bit longer than I hoped. Welcome to Vanilla Days 2. Back in Febuary 2007 I rebranded the site and called it Vanilla Days. Hilariously I only spent a month working on that design back then. This one has taken 5 months.

So whats new?

  • + All new design based on Wu Wei theme. I say based on but it looks so different I should just call it my own theme. Anyway, new design. Bigger thumbnails across the site. White borders on 95% of images are gone so they sit better in the black viewing frame. (Rounded corners don’t work in IE.)
  • + Click left hand side of image to go back. Click right hand side to go forward. (Always wanted this. Took a while to write regex for 6 yrs of content)
  • + <3 feature. Top right hand side theres a heart, a number and a plus sign. Its similar to Facebook’s “Like”. If you like a photo click the plus sign. Thats all there is to it. Sometimes you’ll see a photo and like it but won’t want to write things. So you can simply <3 it.
  • + Search from anywhere. Search available on every page so you can easily get around the site.
  • + Sign in with Facebook or Twitter. Saves you having to enter your name etc.
  • + EXIF info. If its in the image the EXIF info will appear just below it to the right.
  • + Tags. Old categories are now tags. Basically the same thing.
  • + Categories. This is still unfinished. Categories are now smaller more refined galleries of about 20 images. Some of the old categories had hundreds of images, and they still do as tags. I wanted to have a way of showing off the best of the best. So when I finish it the galleries feature will launch. Its an easier way of getting to the best photos on the site.
  • + Buy print, card, license. Ok so this has been around for a few months now but I wanted to highlight it anyway. Much easier to buy a print or even license a photo now. Just click the button and follow the instructions. Its available on almost every photo.
  • + Subscribe to comments. You can subscribe via email so you get notified of responses on photos.

It may not seem like much but it has taken a while mainly because I’m such a perfectionist. Sometime after Xmas I restarted the entire thing and scrapped the design I had spent a while on. But then I only plan to do this every few years so its good to spend time getting it right now.

Why this image? Its a cliche for sure and I’ve taken better. Its also a sign of change. Mann Island looked like this back in April 2007. Its changed quite a lot. The warehouses are gone. That dock has gone. The buildings behind the warehouses where you could buy a Porsche have gone. That view has been hidden away behind the new development there. Liverpool is always changing and I hope to continue documenting that change here on this site. Hopefully this redesign will be better received than the destruction of that view 😉

16 responses

  1. Hi Pete,

    Really liking the new site and all the new features, nice work!

    Must have took you ages going through all that with such a back catalogue of images, so well done!


  2. Love it! Those extra tools are a great idea – I know I would have used them a couple of times myself. Looking forward to future photos, especially the galleries. Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats on the site redesign Pete. Looking good.

    1. Thanks guys 🙂

  4. Looking good Pete, nice work! I’d ditch the + button and just have the heart. Click the heart to heart.

    1. Not a bad idea. I’ll have a play.

  5. It looks great! Congratulations on your redesign.

  6. Jason Fagan Avatar
    Jason Fagan

    Hi Pete.

    The redesign looks superb!

    Very easy to navigate and the Archives section is spot on!

    In relation to your work, its your consistency of providing unique images that amazes me… congrats.


  7. great mono and reflections.

  8. Excellent shot
    Love it

  9. Looking very nice Pete ! Well done. Must get around to doing mine at some point. It’s looking very dated now that I’ve seen this masterpiece. One small thing is that I’m not keen on the fact that the ‘buy’ links vanish when you hover over them. The text goes black I think but the link remains so you can’t really see them..

  10. I checked out your work after hearing about your site under cool photo blogs…your photographs are stunning! I find it inspiring looking at other photographers work so I hope you dont mind if I check back now and then.

  11. Really like the new site. Also pleased to see you kept the old HDR tutorial. First saw this is Pro Photographer and it kicked off a whole new creative phase for me.

    Great work

  12. great picture, nice shimmering reflection.

  13. Hi Pete,

    The theme looks pretty slick, and great photos as always! 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂