So on Thursday I went for a walk around Queen Street. Its like Bold Street in Liverpool but its like the length of Liverpool. Its a great place. Lots of indie stories, colourful people, full of life. My day started in the subway with some random girl sleeping in the seats.


I got off the subway and onto a street car. I *thought* I was going the right way but I wasn’t. The great thing about the TTC is that you can just cross the road and head back. While waiting this couple turned up on a bike with a side car. Just as I was composing the shot the girl looked at me and I took the pic. She smiled and they drove off. I like that you can point a camera at people here and they don’t try and throw things at you.


This was taken just off Queen. Its a typical Canadian street. Lawns, verandas, and a minutes walk from down town.


One for the IRC crew. No idling 😀


A cool skateboarder and his friend. I didn’t notice at the time but he’s wearing a UN helmet.


Someone famous apparently. It was just outside the CityTV studio. All the girls going past were screaming and stuff so I guess he’s a big deal.


They were filming something with random people off the street.


A cool tree.


A rather nice dog. Lots of people have dogs here. This one was unusual because it was normal size. Most people seem to have puppy sized dogs that are genetically bread to never grow. Possibly 😀


A rather cool couple on a rather cool street.


Everyone looks cool here. They all have their own unique sense of style and it shows. Sure you get some similar styles but generally everyone is themselves and you can see that.


See what I mean? Cool 😀


Yup, cool too.


She had really cool colours in her hair. I hope I managed to show that in the shot. It was taken in the Eaton Center so it wasn’t the best lighting.


Lots of people stop here to look out onto the Eaton Center. You can see down a level or so and down the whole center.


Inside they have these fake birds that look cool.


The Eaton Center is really cool. Its a proper ‘Mall’ and people call it that. Anyone who’s seen Mallrats will understand what its like.


The end of the day. There are times where you have to wait for a street car. Oddly these times can be from 3:30 to after 6. Not sure why people are leaving work at 3ish.