Despite living close to West Kirby for most of my life I’ve only been to the bonfire twice. In recent years I’ve seen many spectacular fireworks displays off all sorts of buildings in Liverpool, so watching a few fireworks on a beach seemed a little bland. But the thing is there’s more to it than that. They have a bonfire too and given that yesterday was ‘Bonfire Night’ it was a welcome sight. Most bonfire nights have only fireworks, which seems odd as its called ‘Bonfire Night’ not ‘Firework Night’. Its silly.

I found an amazing series of photographs on the Big Picture website about firery European Festivals. Last weeks stunning Lantern Parade was great but that was for Halloween. I really wanted a big firery spectacle too, I mean that is sort of the point of Bonfire Night after all. So thats why we stopped by and it was great. A roaring fire, fireworks, friends, kids running round with sparklers and the smell of food roasting in the background. Brilliant. A proper bonfire night.