Thinking about what to shoot before I sleep.

My Mum and Jack (grandson) on her birthday

Happy Birthday Mum

Birthday Cake

Jack’s feet

I went to play Crackdown

After I went to Liverpool to Size? up the place.

Ranelegh Street

Bombed out church


Someones face

Someone elses face

Went for a drink in Fact

Paradise street development

I love this view

One of the new apartment buildings

Construction of the canal

Heading home

On Saturday it was 24 Hours of Flickr. “On May 5 2007, grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures.” It was my Mum’s birthday, a sunny day, my sister visited and I played some games. Pretty much a great day for photography. I’ve never really taken photos of my family. I’ve got a couple but they’re kind of posed. I’ve got plenty of my nephew, thats easy as he’s so photogenic. I came to the conclusion that if I can’t take a good photo of my parents then I can’t call myself a photographer. Of all the people in the world I should be able to take candid photos of them easily enough. So the 24 hours of Flickr challenge combined with my Mum’s birthday gave me that chance. I put the 50mm on and went to work. I was very pleased with the results, as was my Mum. After that I played some Crackdown on the 360. I couldn’t really think where to go and shoot so I killed some time waiting for sunset. I played for about an hour and decided to attempt street photography again. Well I failed that, as you can see. I saw some chances but I just couldn’t bring myself to stand next to a stranger and take their photo. So I wandered around Liverpool a bit, got some snaps and went for a drink in Fact Cafe. After that I went to find I had no more change so I was going to park in the Q Park but it was closed, on a Saturday?! I drove down to the Pier Head and waited to see if the sun came out behind the clouds and it didn’t. I drove past my new favourite view and got a shot I liked, and a shot of the new apartments being built. With the light fading I headed home. I had many more hours where I could have taken more shots but I figured I had enough and I wanted to chill out with the TV. I didn’t take that photo as it would have been dull. So that was my Saturday.

4 responses

  1. Cool set, and some cracking shots. It’s tricky trying to take photos all day, isn’t it? I struggled with it when I attempted to do it in January

  2. Hawker Avatar

    Nice shots, I’m suprised I didn’t bump into you!, I was out shooting on saturday and there are three pictures that you’ve got that I got nearly identical shots to, great minds eh?

  3. This is a really nice series, and quite impressive for a single day.

  4. Martin Avatar

    You have a great natural eye for photography my friend.