The final in this series. Slight bit of HDR to achieve the look I wanted. I tried getting it with just 1 photo but certain areas came out a bit too dark so I figured I’d go HDR, get all the detail I wanted then cut away. I spent about 5 hours out yesterday driving around Liverpool. I saw a Mercedes 4×4 eat a traffic cone, an ambulance with a police escort, and 100 naked men on a beach. It was a good evening out. I haven’t even looked at the shots yet and in all honesty I’m not really fussed. I hope theres some great photos there but I just enjoyed being out taking the photos. If I get good shots its the icing on the cake.

2 responses

  1. Best in the series imo, definitely gives me the impression that the outskirts of the city are winding down for the evening.

  2. Very cool shot, I love the form the silhouette takes.