I know what you’re thinking. Liverpool just had a huge street party and this is all I post? Theres a good reason for this. I will be posting a photo of the people’s 08 Launch party on Tuesday. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but trust me, its a good photo. My internet has been down all day which is why I’m posting so late today. I was out earlier photographing the new Echo Arena. Initially I was a bit unimpressed with the building, but after photographing it I’m really quite impressed.

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  1. I wanted to visit the arena but decided against it after seeing it on TV. Having said that after reading your comment you may have changed my mind.

    Thanks for the HDR guide… very useful and V impressed by the images here.

    With regards to the shot I suppose it’ s a nice entry point/beginning etc…

  2. Very similar shot to one they used on the BBC – wasn’t yours was it? 😀

  3. Hehe nah. The Getty tog was wandering around at the same time as me 🙂 We got similar shots.

  4. DedicatedRR Avatar

    Now that I’ve seen your more recent shots…this was a cute way to get us ready for them. 😉