Liverpool unveiled the first part of the new canal link in front of the pier head today. Its a little different to how I imagined it from the renderings. For one, there are railings. Its great to have the view back though. Its been at least a year since anyone could really stand back from the 3 Graces and get a decent photo. Its annoying that they missed the big summer of 2008 but at least its going well. There’s still a lot to do. You can look down the canal tunnel and see people working on the other side. The area around Princes Dock is still being constructed, and theres the new ferry terminal that you can see on the left. The whole thing should be finished by Spring 09 and come summer 09 the Pier Head will be busy as ever. There’s going to be some good photos coming out of this though. The canal perfectly reflects the 3 Graces and when the weather is better, spring 2015 maybe, it’ll be stunning.

5 responses

  1. I read you have all your plans set up till 2015, for this part of the town at least 😉
    The equestrian statue right in the center is nice.

  2. I like the mix of old and new, also like how sharp it is.

  3. Very beautiful.

  4. Great photo – nicely executed. Awesome! I’m just learning HDR.

  5. fascinating….I’ll try taking a photo next time I’m there!